5077P Peacocks

5077P – Rare Handcrafts


Calatrava wristwatch with cloisonné enamel and mother-of-pearl dial. Cloisonné enamel and black Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial. 15 opaque or translucent enamel colors and enamel paint; a minimum of 11 firings and a total of 45 hours of work. Each dial required 60 cm of gold wire. White gold Dauphine hands. Alligator strap with prong buckle. Platinum case.

Patek Philippe 5077P Peacocks Dial : Case diameter: 38 mm
Caliber Front

Caliber Back


240 Self-Winding

Diameter: 27.5 mm.
Height: 2.53 mm.
Parts: 161.
Bridges: 6.
Jewels: 27.
Power reserve: Min. 48 hours. 22K gold off-center mini-rotor.
Balance: Gyromax®.
Vibrations/hour: 21 600 (3 Hz).
Balance spring: Spiromax®.
Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal.
Patent: CH 595 653.

Patek Philippe Seal

A world in which the exceptional becomes the rule

Patek Philippe stands for the high quality and dependability of its timepieces. In emphasizing its independence, the family-owned manufacture has always defined its own quality criteria, recognized by the entire watchmaking community as the strictest ever compiled. They define extremely rigorous standards with stringent inspection procedures that leave no room for compromise.

To enforce and sustainably safeguard compliance with the rules at every level, Patek Philippe created its own quality seal that applies to all of its mechanical timepieces regardless of their complexity. For the purpose of assuring the necessary degree of transparency, the Patek Philippe Seal relies on a number of carefully defined criteria that are committed in writing in detailed directives and supervised by an independent monitoring entity.

As the watch industry’s strictest set of directives, the Patek Philippe Seal applies to the finished watch in its totality – the movement, the case, and other exterior components (dials, hands, pushers, bracelets, clasps, etc.). It embraces the entire know-how and all other assets required to design, manufacture, and service exceptional timepieces. The directives also relate to the technology and aesthetics of the timepieces and the flawless integrity of all functions.

For movements, the Patek Philippe Seal specifies an extreme rate accuracy with a tolerance of no more than -3/+2 seconds per day. It imposes very strict requirements on the manual finissage of movement parts in keeping with the grand Genevan traditions. And it affirms the quality of the materials used, the perfection of the precious stones as well as the work of the gemsetters.

Moreover, it is the only quality seal for watches that also covers service for the entire lifetime of the watch and guarantees maintenance, repairs, and restoration of all watches crafted by the manufacture since 1839.

As a dynamic quality hallmark, the Patek Philippe Seal is open for future developments and technical progress with the potential of improving the functional integrity, rate accuracy, and reliability of timepieces. Therefore, it seamlessly complements the tradition of innovation DNA that has always been at the focus of the manufacture’s corporate philosophy.