1888: De Beers began the search for nature’s most exquisite and magnificent prizes over 125 years ago. De Beers Consolidated Mines is founded and with it, the start of an unrivalled legacy in diamonds. The group remains the world’s leading diamond company with unrivalled expertise in the exploration and mining of diamonds throughout the world.

1939: De Beers identifies the industry’s first diamond grading system with the introduction of the ‘4Cs’. This classification process is still used today.

1947: De Beers introduces the now iconic slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’; the line conveys the eternal promise of a diamond.

2001: De Beers Diamond Jewellers is formed. The first diamond De Beers Diamond Jewellers buys is the Millennium Star – an incredible 203 carat Pear-cut diamond.

2002: The first De Beers Diamond Jewellers store opens at 50 Old Bond Street, London. Our London flagship store remains in this location today though our network of stores has since grown to over 30 worldwide. Honouring our first store, a new engagement ring design is named ‘Old Bond Street’. The solitaire uses a classic design to accentuate the diamond’s exceptional cut. The DB Classic engagement ring is the iconic De Beers solitaire setting. The simple shank of the ring holds its exquisite solitaire diamond in a unique V shape, giving the diamond maximum light performance, allowing it to shine in all its brilliance.

2003: De Beers begins to grow globally with the first international store opening in Tokyo, Japan. Annabel is introduced to our solitaire collections. Architecturally elegant, the stately form of the Annabel ring channels light through an open setting; harnessing energy.

2005: The Talisman collection pioneered a new approach to diamond jewellery design. For the first time rough diamonds are hailed for their unique beauty and set uncut into a contemporary design. The first American De Beers store opens in New York.

2008: Continuing our growth of stores globally, the first De Beers store opens its doors in Hong Kong.

2009: De Beers looks to the natural world for inspiration and launches the delicately feminine Enchanted Lotus collection. Influenced by the serene allure of the lotus flower, the intricate design embodies eternity, beauty and purity. The Adonis Rose collection is introduced. Enriched with a flourishing drama, the design lifts the central solitaire diamond to the light as a flower grows towards the light, epitomising a wondrous balance of power and grace. Adonis Rose takes its name from the love story of Aphrodite and her Adonis, evoking this iconic fable, in the rose and intricately entwined leaves of the collection. Later that year, another engagement ring style is unveiled paying tribute to the intertwining journey of love. The Promise is a symbol of an everlasting vow of love made to one another.

2011: The first of six De Beers stores opens in China with the first opening its doors in Shin Kong Place, Beijing. De Beers looks to the dance world for inspiration in the Swan Lake High Jewellery collection. Honouring the grace and form of the prima ballerina and her corps de ballet, each rare and stunning diamond within the Swan Lake collection is positioned to bring out its character and life; its unique brilliance living up to its shape and size.

2012: Imaginary Nature is unveiled at Paris Couture Week in July. The High Jewellery collection is a design masterpiece and encompasses eight unique high jewellery collections of exceptional detail.

2013: To anniversary the Imaginary Nature launch the previous year, the De Beers Phenomena High Jewellery collection is launched at Paris Couture week. Inspired by water in all its forms, the collection comprises fives sets exhibiting superior craftsmanship. In October, a new engagement ring service is introduced – For You, Forever. Allowing clients to individually craft their own ring, the in-store only service is led by Brand Ambassadors with an innovative iPad app. De Beers launches ‘Moments in Light’, a global celebration of women who are masters of their craft. The campaign is introduced to honour talented women with the same reverence that we honour the light of a beautiful diamond. In collaboration with renowned photographer Mary McCartney, Moments in Light begins by highlighting five women across varying industries to explore their talents and their Moments in Light – exceptional moments of their lives that they hold most cherished.

2014: De Beers Caress – a new diamond engagement ring – is launched in March inspired by the true harmony of love. De Beers Aria is unveiled, revealing a light performance of wondrous brilliance. The collection encompassing design and high jewellery pieces symbolises an expression of the soul; an impromptu dance of light creating a unique spontaneous masterpiece. With the launch of the Aria collection, De Beers Diamond Jewellers announces a new advertising campaign, capturing the power and grace of De Beers. The advertising campaign features Andreea Diaconu, chosen for her natural beauty and elegant charm, who was photographed for the campaign by esteemed international photographer Mary McCartney.